aspects of search

Betty Jean Lifton, in her book “Lost & Found,” describes these as the stages of “Search” that adoptees experience. I’m placing this here for ease of reference. 1. Crossing the Threshold 2. Obsession 3. Limbo 4. Adult Fantasies 5. Piercing the Veil

I am processing

I’ve gotten all the puzzle pieces. There’s a lot I’ve got to make sense of… but I have all the pieces. The struggle just to put together the story of my birth has been exhausting, and the mental discipline to process everything is grueling. I intend to survive this process, and put the story together […]


I’m in a period of time that is often called a “reunion” – but I find the term itself complicated. The people I’ve met are all disconnected from the event of adoption, most of them were not alive at the time I was taken. I’ve met my younger sisters, on both my biological father’s side […]

Mark Twain

“Plain clarity is better than ornate obscurity.” “Some authors overdo the stage directions; they elaborate them quite beyond necessity; they spend so much time & take up so much room in telling us how a person said a thing and how he looked and acted when he said it that we get tired and wish […]